English’s Basketball Career Proves Successful at SBHS
Bear Facts – Friday, March 4, 1955


To most people opportunity knocks only once and at most, twice, but to coach Herman English it has knocked three times.  In the 14 years he has been coaching basketball, he has had two opportunities at the state championship, and this year he went to regional where he lost to San Marcos.  Out of the 14 years he has been coaching he has won eight district titles.

Mr. English started his career in basketball by playing on the Stephen F. Austion College team for two years.  Before coming to Spring Branch, he coached for high school in Addicks.  He has been at Spring Branch for sever years now, during which time he also worked as assistant coach for the A team for four years and as a B team coach for two years.  Jusst recently Mr. Engllish was promoted to the position of assistant principal; however, he will continue with his work with the team in spite of his promotion.

Mrs. English shares her husband’s enthusiasm for basketball and attends as many of the games as possible.  Mr. English may have two basket ball players, but you can be sure they will be plaing on the girl’ team.  He has no sons.

Mr. English lists as his hobbies hunting and fishing.  He was the first sponsor and the one to organize the Hunting and Fishing Club at Spring Branch.  He plants to make the trip with the club this June when they go hunting and fishing along the coast and through the interior of Florida.

We asked Mrs. Lunelle House, the official scorekeeper for the team, for a quotation giving us an idea of Mr.English as the teachers and basketball team sees him.  She said, “In spite of the fact that he drives the spectators mad trying to make the basketball games interestiing, he says he always seems to pull them out of the fire.  Needlest to say, it’s not that I doubt his ability at all, but it’s so hard on one’s nerves!